Building and Carpentry Services


2016-75-125rJohn - 376 x 350JOHN GRANT. John's workmanship and attention to detail is paramount due to over 30 years of hands on building and carpentry experience. 

His qualifications and experience in many building and carpentry projects assists him to have a wide variaton of skill sets.

He holds a current NSW Carpenter and Joiner: Licence R 86004, a Certificate 3 in Carpentry and Joinery, a Certificate 4 in Building and Construction, and a certificate of St Johns Ambulance Senior first Aid.

John is a current member of the Housing Industry Association.


The Team - James - Hotti - 376 x 350The Team - 376 x 350JAMES GRANT - James has over seven years of hands on experience in the carpentry and joinery game. James enjoys working closely beside John and between them they have built, renovated, restored homes all around Sydney.

James likes his work and has built numerous interesting projects from a small bespoke dog house to larger and more difficult restorations and renovations. 



When you are building you often require other trades.

We work alongside and can recommend other tradespeople we trust: Plumbers, Electricians, Plasters/Gyprockers. If you require additional tradespeople please let us know and we will head you in the right dirrection.  

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