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Killara renovation 1 376 x 350BESPOKE WORK

Unique designs and solutions - custom made to measure.

Sometimes you just can't buy it off the shelf. At Abbey Road Construcions we specialise in out of the norm, custom-made orders.

If you have items that are not stock standard and require fitting into a unique space, then we will custom make it for you. 

For example: This sliding door, was made to measure, as was the bookcase and new window frame. If you have a particular problem or requirement we will assit you with a unique solution.

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Do you need more space for entertaining? 

Extending your inner space provides you with a flat open level area to use and adds more value to your home. Decks are custom made to measurement and there is a huge choice of timber and finishes available.

High durability hardwoods, treated pine, comosite wood/recylced plastic and steel are some of your choices to work with. Add some stainless steel cabling, traditional timber or glass for the ballustrade.

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Wahoonga - Burns Bay Rd - 376 x 350FENCING & SCREENING

Boundary and Decorative. Are you wanting to build a fence or just screen?

The first step is to think about is what it is really going to be used for. Is it, just a boundary or does it need to keep children and pets in? Our team will talk with you about the requirements and advise accordingly.

Screening can either provide privacy or be designed as a garden feature or assist to break up a large area.  Abbey Road Constructions are expert at Period and Heritage fencing.

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Castle Cove - Davis H 376 x 350PERGOLAS

Open and decorative structures work when properly designed.

They offer gentle shading and ambience to your outdoor entertaining area.

Also, adding stainless steel cables to the pergolas will enable you to grow your favourite vine for shading and a touch of italian romance.

Pergolas can be made to measure and satisfy modern or period design criteria. Pergolas can be attached to your home or free standing as a garden feature.

Deck Blue Hand Rail - 376 x 350VERANDAS

A covered outdoor room to relax and to party.

Not just a deck, it is a valuable addition to your home.

A verandah can be partially closed off with privacy screening and definitely adds value and useable space. An additional play room for your children, a place to dry clothes out of the weather, a space to relax on a hot summers day out of the sun, even a BBQ.

East Balmain - Victorian - 376 x 350HERITAGE & PERIOD HOME RESTORATIONS

So you have style and love romance and nostalgia.

The Abbey Road Team are specialists in Heritage & Period home restorations from Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian/Colonial, Californian Bungalow, Art Nouveau, Arts and Craft, Art Deco, Modern and Contemporary. 

We will help you stay within the traditions of the look and feel of the era and assist you to comply with state regulations.

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Mona Vale - Security Gate - 376 x 350GATES

Gates need to be functional.

A gate is often the first thing you notice when driving up to your home and is seen as a feature to the entrance of your home. so the right type of gates is important to choose. 

Gates also need to be attractive and in keeping with the general look, feel and balance of street appeal.

Addional consideration is your choice of handle/gate hardware and any sercurity device required. Most gates can be automated, either pivoting on a hinge or sliding on a track.

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Cremorne - Period -  376 x 350REMEDIAL WORK

Righting or Correcting something wrong.

For example, weak structure, sinking foundations, slumping walls due to poor drainage, rotted timbers

House interiors and exteriors – Doors, Windows, Fascia’s, Gables, Rooves which sometimes can be non conforming or destructive. Abbey Road Constructions addresses defective home issues.

For more pictures click here: Remedial work

Water Intrusion 376 x 350WATER INTRUSION

Water intrusion is the leading cause of damage to housing.

Protection from water intrusion is the answer because water can be a destructive force. Prevention is always cheaper than cure. Early detection and remedy is important.

Variations of water intrusion can be: leaking roof or concrete slab, overflowing gutters, inadequate storm water drainage, lateral intrusion through the walls, excessive sub-floor moisture, rain or hail damage.

When the noise is just too much! Multimedia is fantastic when the neighbours are happy too.

Having a room where everyone can just let rip, makes that party time a blast. Specially build double free stud walls with heavy polyester acoustic batts for dispersed sound.

Windows and doors are especially manufactued to maintain the acoustic sealing.





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